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*Toyota 20V ECU PnP kit - Link Monsoon

20V Link PnP Jumper harness kit - Monsoon


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  We've put this PnP harness and ECU kit together for the 20V motor for guys who want to switch to coil on plug for sequential fuel and ignition.

  This kit is set up to plug directly into the stock 20V harness in a running car and adapt the Link G4 Monsoon ECU without any wiring required. Just mount the ECU, plug it in, and fire it up. The kit it set up with the affordable Link G4+ Monsoon ECU designed to make adapting to coil on plug a lot easier.

  Tuning on the Link Monsoon gives you full sequential fuel and sequential timing control as well as VVT allowing you to tune in every aspect of modifications you may have done like a custom header and exhaust, changed velocity stack lengths or even be able to increase that rev limit.

  The Link G4+ Monsoon also comes with an onboard MAP sensor, so you don't have to add one for idle tuning on ITB's or boost and allows an extra input for expansion.

  Coil packs will need to Toyota smart type 4 wire, typical to 2000 and up. Coil on plug converted motors require a tach mod, the resistor is included in the kit.

  The jumper harness is made by Panic Wire exclusively for us to support the 20V market at a reasonable package price. Made with all new components, plugs, pins, wire and OBD port, this jumper is extremely easy to hook up and get running and tuning on the tried and true PC Link software and ECU.

   PC Link software is available for download for free on Link's website as is tech support and chat groups. 

Kit Includes:

Plug and Play jumper harness

Coil on plug sub harness

Link G4+ Atom ECU with tuning cable and mounting bracket

Base map already loaded


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