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AE86 Steering arms - Zero Ackerman

Toyota Corolla AE86 Steering arms - Zero Ackerman

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    Xcessive's new Zero Ackerman steering arms for the AE86 chassis are the ticket for higher steering angles and a faster ratio. We've quickened the ratio just a bit compared to the popluar power knuckels along with removing the ackerman to give you more performance all the way around for drifting but without being to fast and twitchy.

    We've also made these arms with the stock taper on both the lower ball joint and the outer tie rod, you can retain stock outer tie rods or run heim outers with taper adapters.

    Stock tie rod ends may not be long enough due to the removal of the Ackerman. There is approximately a 1/2" increase in tie rod length required per side.

    Going with our tested and proven construction of our heavier Cressida arms, we've made these with the same materials and processes for proven results. They're an all steel design designed to take a beating with machined tapers and steel locator sleeves just like the factory arms.

    Sold in pairs. Heim outer not included.

    These Zero Ackerman arms are not recommended for street driving.


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