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1UZ-FE VVT Jumper Kit - Storm

1UZ-FE VVT Jumper harness and ECU Kit - Link G4 Storm

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     There's now an option for 1UZ VVT motors to run a plug and play stand alone ecu that will run the VVT and bypass the E-throttle (drive by wire). We've put together this kit for the 1UZ-FE VVT with a Panic Wire jumper and Link G4 Storm ECU.

     If you've got a running 1UZ, this is a PNP for manual transmssion swaps, This ECU kit eliminates immobilizers by completly replacing the factory ECU. When purchased in the kit, we load the Link Storm ECU with a start up map that will get you fired up right away, tuning is still required for individual set ups.

    The Link G4 Storm ecu allows you to maintain VVT control, custom headers or intake manifold even tune for boost. We've also supplied a throttle lock that goes inside the cable drive on the throttle body to bypass the E-Throttle.

     The Panic Wire jumper is made standard with a Link MAP sensor plug. If you require a different MAP sensor plug like Toyota or AEM, let us know so we can modify the harness accordingly. 

   All kitted Link ECU's are shipped with a start up map loaded and the ECU locked. Locking the ECU means no one can intercept your shipment and use the ECU. Once the shipment is confirmed in your possession, we send the unlock code for use.

This kit is designed for USDM motor swaps where the enigne is no longer in the orginal car. Please note that some original chassis features are unavailable to be used in the native chassis such as LS400.



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