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Toyota Urethane Trans Mount - Series 2

Toyota Urethane Trans Mount- Series 2, Typical to late model Manual transmissions

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    If you've got a later model ('94 up) Toyota R154, W5x or J160 transmission and you want a firmer mount, this is what you need. We've made these Urethane transmission mounts to fit on the factory four bolt mounting top and bottom without any adapters and added some adjustment by slotting the base plate to help with all of the swap guys.

    We use our 75A urethane bushings in one of our aluminum castings with a double cross pin design for as much support as we can get, this is a huge gain in rigidity over stock rubber mounts. We also offer 60A bushings if you feel the standard 75A bushings will be to firm. If you have stock rubber mounts on the motor, we recommend the 60A bushings.

    This is the only Toyota urethane transmission mount available that fits the factory 4 bolt pattern without any adapters and comes with replaceable/servicable bushings. The 4 bolt pattern on the base is 1.58" x 2.57" (40mm x 65mm), please measure if you are unsure what your base is.

    These mounts are also commonly identified by their staggered bolts that mount to transmission. Please confirm the mount with the pictures!

    PLEASE NOTE: This mount has a large stud in the middle on the bottom that requires you to cut clearance on most stock transmission cross members to allow the stud and nut to pass through. This is common on most aluminum transmission cross members.


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