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Toyota Urethane Trans Mount - Series 4

Toyota Urethane Trans Mount- Series 4, This is a hybrid mount for Late model top to early model bottom adaptations

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    If you're trying to put a late model manual transmission in an early model chassis, your transmission mount studs on the bottom won't line up with the holes in your cross member.

    This Urethane transmission mount is a hybrid design with the late model top with the staggered bolt pattern and then adapts to the early model base with the smaller four bolt pattern. The later model transmission mounts have a larger bolt pattern that won't fit the early style cross members.

    This mount is typically needed when putting MK4, SC300 or most imported (JDM) transmissions in Cressidas or the Nissan S chassis with our transmssion cross members.

    We set the mounts up with 75A (orange) bushings as a standard but can also put in softer 60A (yellow) bushings upon request.

    Be sure to check that your transmission has the correct staggered pattern and measure the four bolt pattern on the cross member if you're not sure.


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